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What the heck are business operations?




Although you can find some dense and unhelpful definintions around the internet for "business operations" or "operations management", to me, operations is simply how work flows through your business. If work flows better from start to finish, from an idea to sale to delivery of the product or service, the business or organization makes more money and also can keep more of the money it makes. If done well, efficient operations will also free up your time...time you can use to grow your business or play with your kids. Helping entrepreneurs and social entreprise leaders run their businesses well is what I do; it is what I am passionate about.


Here are some ways that a focus on improving operations can help make your business stronger:


  • Identify and improve the areas in the workflow that are causing you to lose time, money and maybe even customers

  • Create clarity around which team member is responsible for which tasks in the business

  • Ensure consistency so that your customers or clients know what to expect every time

  • Clearly communicate--and have less misunderstandings--with your clients and staff

  • Better understand the financial health of your businesss

  • Make more accurate forecasts on where your business is going


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