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COO Services

Improve Work Flow/Increase Efficiency /Understand Viability
/Smooth Communications/Serve Customers/Increase Profitability




Capacity planning

Project management software and systems

Operations audits and planning

New processes and policies

Business health check

Monthly and yearly reporting templates

Even the right idea, at the right time, targeted to the right market can still fail on implementation. You know the business could run smoother, but you don't have the budget or need for full time staff to dive into how best to operate. That is where I can help as your Chief Operating Officer on demand. Whether you are on your own in the start-up phase, looking to grow, have capacity challenges or ongoing struggles with how work flows through your business, I support you by reviewing current operations, providing an understanding of challenges, crafting solutions and tracking results.


I work with clients to identify and solve problems with running the organization. We can tackle one issues together or I can work with you on an ongoing basis.



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